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Posted by GuelphPainters @ 03/05/2017 08:28 AM GMT-8
Check our new wesite

Posted by MainStWater @ 02/20/2017 05:10 PM GMT-8
Choose the best waterproofing company for your home that provides a professional service with quality work. Main St. Waterproofing has demonstrated that they can continuously deliver first class work with thousands of satisfied clients. Call Main St. Waterproofing today for a free quote ...

Posted by AG7 @ 02/06/2017 11:53 AM GMT-5
Passive Income Investing
Most passive income opportunities will either produce poor returns or consume lots of your time and energy (not very passive!). So the question is...what really works. By utilizing our "AG7 Joint Venture Investing Model"(JVIM), we are able to afford our clients with TRUE passive income-earning...

Posted by Nettle's Musings @ 01/02/2017 12:27 PM GMT-5
New Year
2016 was probably not what I was expecting it to be this time last year. I did not know I would be working for a different company, which has been the biggest change in my life most recently. Looking to 2017 and what it might bring.... Travel plans: Brad and I are going to Las Vegas in...

Posted by Restaurants @ 10/14/2016 04:53 AM GMT-6
What to Look for in Steak Restaurants
For many people, it boils started with tradition: all their collection of which will steak restaurants to have dinner during is normally found out mainly by means of the story among the hamburger they have had his food certainly, there probably by themself or with relatives and buddies. And...

Posted by CIM Kelowna SEO @ 06/01/2016 08:33 PM GMT-8
What Can SEO Do For Business?
Hi, I’m Cary Blackburn, partner and president of Coronation Internet Marketing ( wna-seo), and my company would like to assist you in ranking your business on the first page of Google so that your website can get more traffic and earn your business more money. ...

Posted by a dominatrix sins @ 02/14/2016 10:07 AM GMT-5
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy V Day!!!

Posted by Ego Suicide @ 02/06/2016 10:13 PM GMT-5
Part 22
It was a good afternoon and evening. For some reason my moments of memory are always small flashes. It's always an out of body experience but it is all contained within me, what does that say about how I go through life? I can remembering not having conversations and staring into the fire we...

Posted by Live On the Bay @ 01/15/2016 10:36 AM GMT-5
Live On the Bay
Georgian Bay is a wonderful place to live, clean water, fresh air, it's safe, friendly and the cost of living is reasonable! I have been representing Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate in my area since 2007. We have a wide variety of properties from vacant land to waterfront homes & cottages,...

Posted by The Process @ 01/09/2016 02:45 PM GMT-7
The Military / Professional Sports Complex
The Military / Professional Sports ComplexMay 31, These days it should be painfully obvious that the military treats their veterans like used Kleen-ex. They’re heroes when the corporations trot them off to war, and seem to be disposed of when they return as damaged goods....


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