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Posted by BDDoll88 @ 05/26/2005 07:45 PM GMT-5
Oh my God I'm back!
*theme music blasts throughout the arena* Oh my god He's back! Yay, after an entire year of exile I have stumbled upon my Xanga. *gasp* Which means I have returned! So the last year, anything interesting you might ask? Well...unfortunately I am NOT gonna disappoint you. Well, let's see last entry...

Posted by imperfect 101 @ 05/24/2005 09:41 PM GMT-5
death to stress
current mood: STRESSED OUT so, WOW! i never knew my life could change so drastically in five months. last time i wrote i was happy and... carefree? i don't think i could tell you what "carefree" means anymore. BLEGH. as if my life doesn't suck enough, finals are coming up and the stress level...

Posted by sami @ 05/24/2005 07:54 PM GMT-5
F.Y.I Sami's back.
im back. and better than ever

Posted by manderrrr @ 05/20/2005 04:46 PM GMT-5
existence is brutal
i just got bitched at by my dad for pretty much just the fact that i exist. my parents don't really like tyler that much, although i think it's just more the fact that i'm in a "serious relationship" and they don't want me to have that now. i sat here and cried because i'm not going to see...

Posted by Mel's Tester Blog @ 05/03/2005 07:09 PM GMT-5
im just a little tester@!!!!

Posted by Loser Punk @ 05/03/2005 06:10 AM GMT-5
Good Marnin'
Man, I really don't want to go to school today! I feel so empty because I didn't get to call Mike last night...he left his phone at home when he went to work. I tried so hard to stay awake, but it didn't work out all that well. *sigh* I hope today goes really great, I'm just in the mood to do...

Posted by pageave @ 04/28/2005 11:47 PM GMT-5
beauty in the breakdown
Winding Road-Bonnie SomervilleWell, the rain keeps on coming downIt feels like a flood in my headAnd that road keeps on calling meScreaming to everything lying aheadAnd it's a winding roadI've been walking for a long timeI still don't knowWhere it goesAnd it's a long way homeI've been searching for...

Posted by MoseyHanesVille @ 04/16/2005 07:06 PM GMT-5
Festival of Pain: Modern Life in Big Schuylk
Tracking a Thief As I stared across the bar, I realized the kid I was looking at had been dead for nine years, beaten to death in a meaningless fight over an otherwise-forgotten girl. What was he doing here? Why, of all places, did he choose this dance dive as the place of his reincarnation?...

Posted by Rachel @ 04/13/2005 05:22 PM GMT-5
well holy f^&#

Posted by ucmedusa @ 04/12/2005 01:48 PM GMT-5
what a joke
i haven't had a real convo with brandon since the last entry i had (about 3 weeks ago)...melisa and na both think he hasn't gotten over the fact that i hooked up wtih bill...but, the thing is HE TOLD ME TO!...well, it was more like he told bill to...but,'m at the point where i don't...


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