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Posted by PovertyEducation @ 05/03/2011 01:05 PM GMT-5
4/26/2011, 4/28/2011
Tuesday - The 26th was a pretty standard day at tutoring but we actually got a lot of work done with both Anthony and Matthew by the end of the day after about 20 minutes of convincing. Anthony is a really good reader but tries to take most of the time at tutoring to convince me to just sign off on...

Posted by Chez Divan @ 06/02/2009 03:04 PM GMT-5
new blog
pretty sure nobody looks at this blog anymore, but might as well update it and redirect anyone who might wander here. I have new blogs, one is for my design work/thinking and the other is for other pondering and updates.

Posted by Have faith. @ 12/11/2008 07:36 AM GMT-5
James 2:24
"You observe that a person is justified through actions and not through faith alone." Those are wrong who put a mere notional belief of the gospel for the whole of evangelical religion, as many now do. - No doubt, true faith alone, whereby men have part in Christ's righteousness,...

Posted by Life's Menagerie @ 12/03/2008 04:22 PM GMT-5
Prop 8- The Musical
See more Jack Black videos at Funny or DieObamanation!

Posted by Snapshots @ 09/19/2008 01:01 PM GMT-5
9-19-08, 1:12PM {work boredom}

Posted by A Mad Tea Party @ 12/28/2007 07:34 PM GMT-5
Let's See How Far We've Come
Wow, I think it's high time to get back to Blog Drive, which traslates into...I"m on Christmas Break from College and EXTREMELY BORED- without a license! Okay so College is excellent, I'm a newbie of the iup fencing team. Joined French club but never's so lame lol. Need a job desperately -...

Posted by KitCat87 @ 11/04/2007 10:16 PM GMT-5
by the way, i tried to say i'd be there.
  Bueno.   I'm at work right now, and it's as silent as the fall. I have the fireplace in the office running because my feet and hands were freezing when I came in from the outside. I only had to clean suite five and start running laundry. It's an 8 hour shift. I feel bad for the girl...

Posted by blackeyedsue @ 06/15/2007 12:14 AM GMT-5
Well, it's summer.  Break out the bikinis and get a sweet tan...if you have time.  I've been working 6 out of 7 days on average this summer at the movie theatre and UBS.  The movie theatre is lame and I think I'm outgrowing it, but UBS is awesome.  I basically do everything that...

Posted by let go, jump in.. @ 05/05/2007 05:32 AM GMT-5
If you want her... <i>show her</i>.
It's 5:45 am. I was fast asleep down here in the family room, woke up to my laptop that was dead (batteries), so I plugged it in and instead of going right back upstairs to sleep, I felt like going online first. I'm a loser. But I feel like writin' in this. Tomorrow (, my sister...

Posted by thekevintheory @ 03/25/2007 07:51 AM GMT-5
Good Morning!
Good morning online world.  It's a whopping 8:51 on this beautiful Sunday morning and I've already been domestic as all hell.  Already done the dishes and baked muffins.  Go me. So what's new in the world of Kevin?  Let me think a bit.  Work has been going as...


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