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Posted by aMyS bLoG !! @ 01/28/2004 11:59 AM GMT-6
*hEh iM SiCk -cOuGh-*
hhiiii !! i stayed home from school today .. i woke up w/ a headache and jus didnt feel like going !! soo its like 11am and im jus talkin to devin and shes sendin me stuff of aaron .. lol *ahh hes gorgeous* !! =) but anyways !! i cant wait till *ToMoRrOw* .. tra/macon game .. woo hoo !! my brother...

Posted by Life @ 01/25/2004 03:11 PM GMT-6
Kids, look at the Neon Dream
Today hasnt totally sucked. Thats all I have to say so far.

Posted by x9inToXiCaTeD9x @ 01/21/2004 09:54 AM GMT-6
hey yall :( i broke up with matt. it would never work out, because he wanted and open relationship, and i cannot do that....but i still love him! :) maybe we can work it out when we are older? anyways, yea, i can't do this alot because i am grounded! i only get to do it at school, when we have free...

Posted by Roseyy501 @ 01/18/2004 02:38 PM GMT-6
Life is hell
                                          Today was the most terrible day in my life. My friend gets into trouble with his...

Posted by xOxLinzixOx @ 01/12/2004 03:26 PM GMT-6
Hey babes!! I went to skool today! yay got out at 2:45! yay! Im so glad that Im home muh feet hurt from these shoes! Now dont get meh wrong I love the shoes they are so0o cute! I got them from ALLOY! Now Im just sitting here talking to Luke, Jon, and Matt***YES BRANDON'S MATT!!*** I have no idea...

Posted by ozzyfan24569 @ 01/10/2004 03:27 PM GMT-6
new year's resolution
okay, i have one new year's resolution: 1. to have no new year's resolution- i dont have one. i dont belive in that stuff. i mean everyone makes the same one every year! they are obviously not going to change. so i have no resolution.

Posted by TaBu'S BlOg BaBy @ 01/08/2004 03:30 PM GMT-6
A Time To Dream
It feels wonderful to meet someone that you totally fall head over heels for. Their words are written in a special way that touches your heart. These letters from him gives me hope that there is something better out there for me. I just only hope that the opportunity exsists.....

Posted by sandra @ 01/02/2004 09:29 PM GMT-6
January 2, 2004
ok im gettin better i think im tryin to add some more stuff to my site by adding links to my other sites and putting dolls and stuff in them......well i hope you like it im tryin to get better at it!!

Posted by Super Mark @ 01/01/2004 02:57 AM GMT-6
Sorry and Crappy Week...*sigh*
I'm sure that you all have had a much better week then I have had.First off I got the flu, which sucked very badly.Then, I did'nt get to work like I was planning on, so I was bored all day Monday.Tuesday, I just sat at home and did nothing but listen to 80's music (Which owns by the way, and I'll...

Posted by chazaroos world! @ 12/21/2003 12:39 PM GMT-5
borin day borin nite
hiya peeps im doin this cos im bored lol i no its sad but not as sad as doin this n o w t h i s is sad lol i aint guna do that no mre lol lol lol bi bi x x x x x x x x x x x


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