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Posted by Bloggdy @ 06/02/2007 01:49 PM GMT-8
i've moved.
wahai blog yang aku disayangku selalu.aku telah membuat keputusan untuk pindah ke blog spot.dan blog tu akan ku buka kan untuk public hehe.except bdak uk.ughh hated it when they know my blog.anyways itu sahaja. akan ku merindui mu:) aku akan keep on updating.tapi sket2., :)) so exhausted!

Posted by AJ china tour 07 @ 05/21/2007 06:35 PM GMT-8
AJ on Tour
Hello and welcome to my blog.During the 28th of April and 27th of may 2007My Girlfriend Maggie, her family and I, came to china for|one Hell of a Tour.The first week was a traditional chinese wedding in whichMags brother got married to a girl called Krystal.The wedding was sheer amazing.|Next...

Posted by 2 Dudes Kitchen @ 05/16/2007 11:41 PM GMT0
the 1st proper lunch in UK.......
well, like i said, my cousin was so bored in our place, he just had to get his hand dirty cooking. hahaha!! Li was planning to fin off the leftovers from the steamboat, so she wipped something up as well..... Ma Poh tofu.... with extra ingredients....claypot chicken rice made easy..... haha!!

Posted by Kneeslider @ 05/09/2007 05:03 AM GMT0
On Saturday, we decided to go visit my folks again. Since the weather has been good lately, my mum's phobia about thunder and lightning has abated, which basically means that she has got her life back, and consequently, my dad has had an easier time of it too.  She's been like that for...

Posted by Design Archive @ 05/07/2007 01:30 PM GMT0
BlogOut on 24th May in Singapore
The following new entry was posted by Design Templates ( ) Meet Seigey in BlogOut! What is BlogOut? Following on Nexus 2007 , The Digital Movement is taking one step further by having a gathering of various communities and pockets of bloggers to get to know each...

Posted by Lack Of Direction @ 04/26/2007 11:49 PM GMT0
The Movie Game
It's Thursday night, and I've had a crazy week of filming.SaturdayStunt coreography and rehearsals. Gemma and Scott came around for the big fight scene, and Dean came to arrange it. He did a blinding job, and Gemma excelled herself - there are cartwheels, fancy throws, jumps, it was breathtaking. ...

Posted by Marcs @ 04/06/2007 04:39 PM GMT-8
For you baby
Jus wanan let oyu know how much you mean to me darlin, your the greatest baby :P mexxxx

Posted by dreamfield @ 03/20/2007 10:56 AM GMT0
Hush Collector - Mountain Song Remixes - Out this week
Hush Collector - 'Mountain Song' Dave Dark & the Sharks Remixes "This is a beautiful remix, it's a sunrise anthem" (Brighton's dj Cheets) OUT TODAY! * Listen * and available on : Hush Collector & Dave Dark & the Sharks send BIG LOVE. ...

Posted by Aurora @ 01/23/2007 06:20 AM GMT0
The God Father
   Just finished watching "The God Father" Trilogy. No doubt it's a classic. We can learn a lot from these movies. I learnt a few too. The first movie is about the life of the Mafia leader. The distinction he keeps about Personal and Business is perfect. His plans for his sons are...

Posted by Freudsteins Cloud @ 12/26/2006 08:20 PM GMT0
errr.....ANYONE out there!?
OK, does anyone actually still check this out!? If so, you dont care I was in an accident!?What happened to my loyal readers? I dont update for a few months and I lose you all.....oh well, for new readers or random people here's an update.November 27th. Bryan's birthday. We held a house...


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