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Posted by dear diary @ 02/12/2017 09:52 PM GMT7
Dear Diary
I was in Melaka over the weekends, visiting my dad and my grandma. Stepping into the melaka house reminded me so much of my childhood. Seeing my dad's stuff all over the house, with his need to "improvise", with the Chinese posters, prayer alter, wind chimes, crystals and ornaments I've seen...

Posted by 0811 @ 09/30/2016 05:18 PM GMT0
In response to someone who still comes by this blog, yes, I have graduated (few months ago actually). So yes, speaking to you as a doctor. Not the useful kind. Still impressed that people drop by every now and then. I came today to actually delete this blog and then well, ended up writing here...

Posted by eugenelim @ 09/12/2016 02:04 AM GMT-8
2018 January
After much thoughts about it, I've made up my mind. 2018 January will be it. But wait, Chinese New Year is on February. February 16. Ugh, should I leave before Chinese New Year or after it? I know it will be emotional burdening if I were to re-unite with my family and to talk about the...

Posted by aethereality @ 06/25/2016 08:27 AM GMT-8
Fast forward two years
Has it really been that long? So many things have changed since my last time here, two years ago. I am still the same in many ways, yet parts of me are so different that I cannot believe they are parts of me. I'm working now, which is good, because I feel more independent, more confident....

Posted by (The Next Stop) @ 05/23/2016 05:50 PM GMT8
Hi everyone,I just wanted to tell you that I have moved! See you there. Or not. You know, whatever you want.And bye bye, Blogdrive.

Posted by [our.story] @ 02/10/2016 01:09 AM GMT8
The goofy kid....
The title for this is misleading..... it's me making excuses.... I never noticed.... all that Bit ever did for me..... never asking for anything back in return..... I was always busy with my CCAs and other stuff.... yet... she always took the time to look for me.... I was a spoiled kid......

Posted by Lover Of My Soul @ 10/22/2015 06:53 AM GMT10

Posted by Ramblings @ 07/29/2015 03:47 AM GMT8
A life to emulate - Dr APJ Andul Kalam
I dont like writing obituaries. I will make an exception. India lost one if its greatest sons - Dr Abdul Kalam. To measure greatness, one has to look at what the person achieved to put India on the frontiers of excellence and how they inspired. On both counts, managing the missile programs of...

Posted by life story @ 02/24/2015 09:50 PM GMT7

Posted by Seize The Night @ 02/09/2015 03:51 AM GMT8
A Grave Error Part 2
Sometime in the early months of 2013, I received a confirmation by MUIS on the date of the exhumation. I cannot remember when it was.On that morning, my sister drove. We picked up the son and son's wife of the deceased uncle and the deceased wife. Mother and father to these two guys. Another...


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