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Posted by Matts J0urnal @ 11/23/2003 01:55 AM GMT-5
T3 was an awsome movie. It wasnt as good as I thought it was gonna be but its still really good. Theres a big ass opening at the end for a sequel and I can almost guarantee you, ladies and gents, that there will be another sequel. Judging by the ending, the war has yet to begin and John and that...

Posted by Bunch's Space @ 11/16/2003 12:32 PM GMT-8
Music Genres
The youth of today does'nt have much of a broad musical spectrum, its either punk or rap, I dont fancy either. I'm into Trance, Black Metal and Orchestra, my favorite bands being: SystemOfaDown, Prodigy, Rammstien AND.................... outkast, THATS RIGHT, I FUCKING LIKE OUTKAST, shut up...

Posted by Pun @ 11/11/2003 09:12 PM GMT-5
Wow it's been awhile huh...
HI..... well yo my friends i just got back from jersey.. it was great.. im tellin yah.. i had so much fun.. it was hella wow.. ate so much damm food... went shoping a lil.. and the most importent thing i did is that i spent time with my fam.. well yah the drive was long and it was just me and...

Posted by dwagon @ 10/26/2003 01:43 AM GMT-7
I'm better off dead
Tonight I finally realize why I smoke pot, and why if I ever stop for an extended period of time, I'll probably end up killing myself. I quit puffing this past week - up until today anyways.  Everything went alright, nothing spectacular, but then the doubt, the worry, the regret, the...

Posted by Rachels' Journal @ 10/23/2003 07:47 PM GMT-6
I'm dying...*cough*
*Sigh* No, I'm not dying but it sure as hell feels like it. As I sit here writing this it feels like my nose will dry up and shrivel off.. plus my throat feels like its cut into a billion peices and my head is so congested it will fall off my neck! gr.. Wow. so I go to tell this to my "friend"...

Posted by ACE777 @ 10/15/2003 06:10 PM GMT-8.5
i need status
well... there is another song at the bottom but... read this first, i need to get up to speed on everyones status (single/taken) kuz i need to know so i can ask sum1 out (i can be more specific but the most specific im gunna get is... its a girl. (damn i just sounded like a docter) but even if...

Posted by fiberoptix @ 10/13/2003 06:26 AM GMT-8
Hey every 1....IM BACK!...sorry i posting so late but now im starting carbonfibr back up...please check back

Posted by timbat123 @ 10/02/2003 06:39 AM GMT-6
Yeaa, i was biking (thanx karin) and i called her,i went to her apartment, we left to bike, went back, stayed there, watched big fat greek wedding, and listened to maurica sklar. It waws great She cooked Frnech Toast for me!!! Yum, i rode back at 5 30!!!

Posted by mistressblog @ 09/24/2003 09:46 AM GMT-8
Hard being a former amish teen.
Growing up surrounded by snow. Growing up surrounded and suffocated by nothing. Growing up with only relations.Having relations.HAVING relations. I have finally let go. I have been let go. I am alone.

Posted by Racin' Girl! @ 09/21/2003 10:06 PM GMT-6
Ok, today in the afternoon, I cried. I was watching the NASCAR race on TV. The race was in Dover, Delaware. Jr. led the race and was having a good day! After one of the pit stops he got only 2 new fresh tires. Well, that didn't work to well. Alot of the drivers were just driving right by him. So,...


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