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Posted by Unlimited @ 02/08/2004 07:22 PM GMT8
Stressed days are back!
Suddenly I felt like dying, I can't convince myself to live on. Perharps I am really tired. There will be series of meetings coming up on next week. I wanted to spend more free time on my personel stuffs such as continue my webdesigning and stuffs... But I guess I am locked down. Stress X 10

Posted by Faded Myzery @ 02/05/2004 10:21 PM GMT-5
Hmm...Well I guess I'll start off with gym class. Now in Gym we have to run about 2 minutes or so they say (Feels like ten) and then after some exercises we have to run 5 minutes (I counted about 4 songs on the radio they were playing and its about 3 minutes per song.) So I was walking with my...

Posted by Taylor @ 01/25/2004 01:26 PM GMT-8
Late night
Hey, Again, I haven't blogged in a while. School, pep band, musical rehearsal, no time at all. Anyways, I was up til 3 last night playing on here, and fixing my computer. It was good. Nobody was home but me, and well. Those can be very relaxing. Ahhhh. Lol. Other than that, nothing big happened....

Posted by :: Khodemooney @ 01/22/2004 07:10 AM GMT3.5
As Soon As Posible!
Under Construction...

Posted by My Tech Blog @ 01/19/2004 01:09 AM GMT-7
Torque Kicks Ass
Well, as promised I am posting a quick follow up on Torque, it is totally sweet! If you are evaluating Java ORM's I highly recommend Torque!As soon as I am finished i will post a nice Torque tutorial.Cam

Posted by The Engine Room @ 01/19/2004 09:37 AM GMT10
It was 20 years ago today, Apple taught the world to play...
On 21st January, 1984, the Apple Macintosh first went on sale. Pitched as "the computer for the rest of us", it was radically new, radically different. Apple had a vision of the computer of the future, and put their money where their mouth was. Right from day one, they set themselves up as the...

Posted by Vulnerabilities @ 01/18/2004 09:23 PM GMT5.5
HP-UX SharedX Unspecified File Access Vulnerability
TITLE: HP-UX SharedX Unspecified File Access Vulnerability SECUNIA ADVISORY ID: SA10657 VERIFY ADVISORY: ries/10657/ CRITICAL: Less critical IMPACT: DoS, Privilege escalation WHERE: Local system OPERATING SYSTEM: HP-UX 11.x DESCRIPTION: HP has reported a...

Posted by Cedric @ 01/15/2004 12:18 PM GMT-8
Foro Up =P
Hola Fanaticos de los Juegos de Roll...Nick y yo Tenemos Listo el Foro de HL Rolls haci que si quieren jugar un rato metance y unance a este mundo "El Mundo de Harry Latino en una Palabra ¡Roll§" Espero que lo Disfruten "Enjoy de Show" Mundo Roll§ SaludoZ!

Posted by here i am @ 01/12/2004 01:09 PM GMT6.5
Jumaat, 9 Jan 2004
Assalamualaikum.. today is very important to me.. 1st because that morning i've debit my moms account and she's very appreciate it. i've touched at the moment she said thanks .. you really dont have to said like that mak.. whatever i do even if i gave everything to you cannot replace the...

Posted by Cricket Series @ 01/07/2004 05:08 PM GMT9
Test Series between India and Australia
A treat to watch Dravid play a series full of runs. He has undisputedly proved that he is the contender for the best Test Player in the world. The runs came at a pace and at a time when India needed most and that made a lot of difference to the outlook of the team and series as a whole. The...


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