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Posted by dotnetraj @ 04/15/2005 01:45 PM GMT0
Moving to new blog...
Hi,I'll be moving to my new blogspace at awat Thanks a million Paschal , for providing me my new web space

Posted by Nizynha @ 03/11/2005 01:42 PM GMT-3
Voltei =)
Agora que tudo esta no seu devido lugar, eu posso voltar a blogar.Peguei uma "folga" hoje, então resolvi trocar o layout, ate porque, aquele rosa estava me cansando, então saiu isso, pra variar, super básico, mas é meu estilo mesmo.Não tenho nenhuma novidade contável, então, vou de musiquinha, pra...

Posted by kenneth @ 03/06/2005 06:31 PM GMT-8
Ass kickers' world... ha.. ha.. ha..
          -=+Wel come+=-All of you has the right to enter this website. Thank you for entering...Hi there mga Friends, musta na kau?Rules: 1st: Walang bastusan d2. 2nd: Walang tawanan. 3rd: Walang inuman. 4th: Bawal maglaro ang walang sapatos.5th:...

Posted by Call Me Ishmael @ 01/26/2005 05:47 PM GMT0
ooh a pom!
i wrote this for my girlfriend. Its not very good, but ahh well Once Bitter lemon stars from a black void fell In scorched clouds of fire, a glimpse of hell And the sinking of the sun, hopes death knell   Now Stars as bright as day, hang in my sky of night Rifts in heaven, rip my...

Posted by Abrar001 @ 01/14/2005 11:06 PM GMT5.5
To Send Emails : archive/feedbackphp.shtml Various Useful Tutorials : utorials/PHP/1 File Handling : le/reading-and-writing-files Sessions Ex1 :...

Posted by Imagination @ 01/14/2005 12:41 PM GMT7
azam baru..
sedar tak sedar, tahun 2004 dah berlalu.. macam2 kenangan yg dilalui.. hemm.. agaknya apa azam tahun ini hah? entah.. saya pun tak tahu.. emm.. mayB nak cari "sumandak" kot.. hahahahhaaa... memain ajer.. anyway, i harap tahun ini adalah tahun yg baik untuk saya.. tinggal setahun sahaja lagi...

Posted by syahratulnisa @ 12/31/2004 10:20 PM GMT-8
>.:: AnTaRa ErTi KaSiH DaN SaYaNg ::.
   ~ WelComE BaCk!!! ~huh?!! welcome back utk spe tuh?! hehe..sbnrnyr buka utk spe2 pon...utk dir nie la sbb dh b'zaman x edit blog neh ....ntah cmner tetiba hari nie dpt hidayah (huhuh ) nk edit blog pe2 je la ~ New Pic From...

Posted by Just For Fun @ 11/23/2004 08:08 PM GMT-5
I'm Number One
Ever take one of those quiz thingies. Well I just did, and I'm number 1! You Are the Reformer 1 You're a responsible person - with a clear sense of right and wrong. High standards are important to you, and you do everything to meet them. You are your own worst...

Posted by Daikenkai @ 11/03/2004 08:52 PM GMT-6
Wow, I completely forgot I had this thing. A lot has changed since my last message. I've all but retired from DDR since then. I play when I get a chance, but I rarely do anymore. Since conquering DDR I've devoted a lot of my gaming time to fighting games, and have become almost unstoppable in...

Posted by Rama @ 09/22/2004 02:18 PM GMT-5
State versus Proxy
  Proxy and State Patterns. During lunch time, today, I was discussing about various GoF Patterns with my team. While discussing about Proxy pattern somebody raised a question saying that both proxy and state offer a surrogate or wrapper class, which actually hides the real class, so why do...


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