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Posted by Memuja-MU @ 02/17/2006 10:03 AM GMT7
Amadea Syafa Ardhionova (Dea)

Posted by hello world @ 01/08/2006 12:52 AM GMT8
about twin prime conjecture
I'm currently thinking of a new way to solve the twin prime conjecture - but it seems I'm stuck with the equation. Since for x ¡Ý 55 , we can define the inequality (2x+1)/(log(2x+1) - 4) - (2x-1)/(log(2x-1) + 2) > 1. If this inequality is true for infinitely number of times, then that means...

Posted by LearnJava @ 01/04/2006 11:15 AM GMT-5
Basic XML
What is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup LanguageXML is a markup language much like HTML.XML was designed to describe data. XML tags are not predefined in XML. You must define your own tags.XML is self describing.XML uses a DTD (Document Type Definition) to formally describe the...

Posted by hxxbin @ 11/14/2005 02:30 PM GMT-6
Coming soon xD

Posted by Banyunet @ 10/25/2005 12:40 AM GMT7
Menjadi Bangsat Beneran di IRC
Tujuan dari artikel ini adalah untuk menyediakan apa yang menurut saya adalah metodologi paling optimal dalam menge-hack channel IRC. Sebagai Tambahan, akan disediakan pula beberapa channel yang lebih enak di-hack dan juga aktivitas-aktivitas menarik yang dapat dilakukan jika kamu berhasil...

Posted by sshen @ 10/21/2005 02:36 PM GMT-5 secret series (5 posts) secret seriesBy Karl Moore —...

Posted by Error Blog @ 07/17/2005 12:12 AM GMT-8
No class def found for Hibernate.
No class def found for Hibernate.1) Check for the duplicate jar files in lib folder.2) For tomcat follow the sample tomcat demo given in Hibernate tutrorials. remove every JNDI related thing from .hbm.xml file.3) work with DB issues4) bb_blog_instance fix ...add a row manually5) bb_blog_users ---...

Posted by teep teep @ 06/19/2005 10:26 AM GMT-6
gel tv
they always have people dancing in the background. and i think this is a shoe commercial.. watch!

Posted by Mizter_Diablo @ 06/04/2005 02:09 AM GMT-5
to a cry for help
why is timing so weird..... unbeknownst to you... ive read somethings close... and i feel what you feel but from the other side of the fence....   weird convos... reading to deep.... its all who knows and getting no sleep time will tell... future holds secrets... but im destind to...

Posted by Siswa, predikat.. @ 05/17/2005 09:15 AM GMT7
Variable : memory untuk menyimpan data sementara Di awali $ Harus diawali dengan huruf atau underscore ( _ ) Tanpa spasi Case sensitif Metode Pencabangan : Fungsi if : menguji suatu kondisi ----> T/F if (kriteria) { perintah jika kriteria terpenuhi } else { perintah jika...


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