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Posted by The Common Ills @ 02/21/2017 05:38 PM GMT-8
Pfc. Brian Patrick Odiorne
Pfc. Brian Patrick Odiorne I'm traveling in some vehicle I'm sitting in some cafe A defector from the petty wars That shell shock love away -- "Hejira," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her album of the same name This...

Posted by whatwasithinking @ 10/18/2016 06:19 AM GMT-6
what you dont learn in school
we have home schooled for over 30 years. yes back before it became "popular". and while my children may not know the difference between a homonym and synonym (like most would even know). here are some things they did get to garden, cook, store to heat a home with wood. cut wood,...

Posted by Stop the Insanity @ 06/15/2016 11:07 AM GMT-5
Test Post
This post is a test of the blog.

Posted by paradoks @ 03/02/2016 11:22 PM GMT7
Kedai kaset
Masa mula-mula kahwin dulu, saya beritahu isteri saya, kaksu, angan-angan saya satu hari nanti saya nak buka kedai muzik. Maksud saya kedai yang jual kaset, CD dan piring hitam, sebab saya suka dengar muzik. Tentu menyeronokkan duduk dalam kedai tu, dan buka lagu-lagu yang kita suka. Sambil...

Posted by The Process @ 01/09/2016 02:45 PM GMT-7
The Military / Professional Sports Complex
The Military / Professional Sports ComplexMay 31, These days it should be painfully obvious that the military treats their veterans like used Kleen-ex. They’re heroes when the corporations trot them off to war, and seem to be disposed of when they return as damaged goods....

Posted by Muslim Teenagers @ 12/31/2015 09:29 AM GMT-8
Sadiq Gill - The Lesson of Lebanon Lost, Once Free and Prosperous (and 54% Christian) - EurArabia Next?
Blog Published by Sadiq Gill Guest Post By Aaron Kolom The country of Lebanon was formed from part of the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the Middle-East for four centuries prior to World War I; after that, it was part of the Mandate Area set aside by England and France for settlement of Jews and...

Posted by TapsearchComLinks @ 09/27/2015 05:09 PM GMT-8
Tapsearch Com World
See new sites at http://tapsearch-master-site.p with summary of Ray Tapajna Info, Tapart News and Tapsearch Com World articles and sites. http://ray-tapajna-tapsearche for overview and history of free trade economics. We now approach free trade economics as a structural sin...

Posted by truthiness @ 01/10/2015 09:33 PM GMT-6
Christ as empty
I gave my assent to Christianity when I was 4 years old.I followed the way of Christianity for nearly 15 years straight whole heartedly. Possibly longer, possibly less.It began to fall apart for me when I felt the voice of the god I follow tell methat I would deny him.Knowing well Peter's mistake...

Posted by Caged Freedom @ 12/28/2014 09:19 PM GMT-6
sheeple..... ugh,
an fb post about buffalo culling crossed my fb feed, it talked about culling buffallo for brucellosis testing, and then it quoted an article which the was actually talking just about culling because of numbers not because of a zoonotic disease that affects humans...... there are too many people...

Posted by Gary Watton @ 05/29/2014 05:26 PM GMT0
A Few Observations Of Politics
Why, why, and why again must Neanderthal Northern Ireland persist with the cumbersome Single Transferable Vote for the purpose of electing three MEPs out of a list of only ten candidates? Surely a 'first-past-the-post', or to be precise first three-past-the-post solution is infinitely more...


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