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Gay and lesbian lifestyles



Posted by nocode @ 01/04/2016 08:58 AM GMT7
To be honest, i almost gave up on blogging since my blog server went down about seven or eight years ago, it's gone along with a couple year blog content of mine disappeared with out back up. But simpleguy tweet me a while back mentioning about killua-project that lead me to this almost...

Posted by No somos todos @ 12/31/2015 11:59 PM GMT-6
Premios Gran Maestre 2015
El hombre mas admirado del mundo:En esta ocasi贸n se lo dar茅 al equipo de New Horizons, una misi贸n espacial rumbo a Plut贸n, sus sat茅lites naturales y tambien el cinturon de Kuiper. Una misi贸n que analizandola fr铆amente requeria precisi贸n alt铆sima para llegar a tan distante planetoide.El...

Posted by Dumb Guy Speaks @ 11/16/2015 09:22 PM GMT5.5
chhotu.. insincere? hypocrite? coward?
u broke my trust, u broke my heart, not once...i m not saying anything to u anymore... coz if u do not feel anything within urself, thr is no use of me telling u anything... u hav hurt me beyond ur comprehension... no u were not... had u been SINCERE, nothing wud have stopped you... so...

Posted by Matilda's Blog @ 09/10/2015 12:24 PM GMT-5
When we are together, I pray for stormy weather
"When we are together, I pray for stormy weather..."There is a faint gray hue over Abilene. It tries to resemble fall, it is fall, but it's also Texas. It relaxes the eye, after all that sunshine. You think you breathe in cooler air, fresher air. It's a change, and it is welcome.

Posted by MsAnonymous wrote @ 09/08/2015 05:56 PM GMT8
Dah bersawang blog ni.. Kena kasi bersih.. Lepas ni saya akan rajin update.. Saya janji.. Ekeke

Posted by TapsearchComLinks @ 09/27/2015 05:09 PM GMT-8
Tapsearch Com World
See new sites at http://tapsearch-master-site.p with summary of Ray Tapajna Info, Tapart News and Tapsearch Com World articles and sites. http://ray-tapajna-tapsearche for overview and history of free trade economics. We now approach free trade economics as a structural sin...

Posted by abby @ 05/31/2015 10:59 PM GMT7
Reflections Here and There
It comes out as a jolt, that suddenly makes everything appear as it really is. The beautiful veil of daydream and imagination dissipates in a snap. It is so difficult to have no clear goal in mind, you end up traversing or rather tiptoeing on so many different possible paths to no avail and...

Posted by KathaPantas @ 05/17/2015 03:35 AM GMT-8
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 THE OLIGARCHY QUESTION   Erle Frayne D. Argonza   What should the nation do to the oligarchs? Remember that the constitution and strengthening of the...

Posted by SQUIRRELYSREDNECK @ 02/14/2015 07:21 AM GMT-6
Squirrely's Redneck Village Idiot Test #2
Welcome to Squirrely's Redneck Village Idiot Test #2http://squirrelys.blogdrive .com/_________________________ ______________________________ ________________40.   ;  By law does a train need to stop at railroad crossings for emergency vehicles? 39.    Do...

Posted by :::bala::: @ 02/04/2015 04:01 PM GMT-8
With all of the current controversy surrounding FB's privacy issues, I think I might be slowly focusing more of my attention here.  Stay tuned...


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