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Posted by RUUUMIIII @ 01/08/2017 08:07 PM GMT-8
2017 has come
Alhamdulillah Today is 9th January, 2017. Start to write, start not to be lazy. Today I woke up at 4 am, I prepared everything in early morning. Yups, I got my password so I can write down my expression here. I will continue to express my opinion, my daily activities with you, my dearest...

Posted by random poetry and @ 11/23/2016 08:29 PM GMT-6
anybody out there
So I got an email notification today that there had been a comment posted in here somewhere but it's been so long since I even logged in that I can't find anything remotely new. But that made me wonder, does anybody even still visit these pages? Are they just floating ghost posts to wander the net...

Posted by Restaurants @ 10/14/2016 04:53 AM GMT-6
What to Look for in Steak Restaurants
For many people, it boils started with tradition: all their collection of which will steak restaurants to have dinner during is normally found out mainly by means of the story among the hamburger they have had his food certainly, there probably by themself or with relatives and buddies. And...

Posted by roy nelson @ 08/21/2016 11:35 AM GMT0
Australia DPP Investigates Case of Boy Shafted by Prosecution and Own Lawyer.
We recently reported on the case of a 15-year Sudanese refugee, known only as ‘JB’, who spent seven years in prison for murder after both the prosecution and his own defence lawyer acted improperly by withholding evidence which raised significant doubt regarding his guilt. Now, the NSW...

Posted by Reviewz @ 08/05/2016 04:40 PM GMT-5
The Importance of Eating Beets
Beets are an important source of dietary nitrates when used in the body they help the body create nitric oxide which in turn enhances blood circulation throughout the body. There are multiple benefits of improved blood circulation in the body. Some of the benefits are reduce inflammation, boost...

Posted by Resume Expertise @ 06/22/2016 04:48 PM GMT-8
Master Your Master's Degree
The key to surviving a Master’s program is to be smart. This may seem to go without saying: you have to be smart to even get into a Master’s program. That’s true; but, to survive and thrive, you have to be actively smart. What do I mean? First of all, there’s a ton of reading in any...

Posted by Rice Fields 7 @ 05/11/2016 05:43 PM GMT-7
Joy: Day Two
My word for the year is joy. Which is kind of ironic, considering I’ve been a wee bit short on that specific commodity recently. I guess you could consider this point in life as my equivalent to hitting the restart button. I was talking to my mom recently, and she said, “Regardless...

Posted by Renewed Place @ 05/01/2016 09:54 PM GMT-8
You Are
i just got back from the retreat. so glad i got to get away from all the stress at work and to just be blessed this weekend. i wanna continue the over flow of blessings into this week and let God bless me with my goals to help me in my life. DO IT LORD> this retreat felt a lot different than last...

Posted by refugeofapoet @ 12/31/2015 03:09 AM GMT0
2015: the year that was!
Last year, I tried completing the Simbang Gabi, asking for more strength and for a clear mind to decide right. 2014 has been rough and so I can feel that there will be more for the coming year. The decision that I was anticipating to make didn't happen. Things turned differently, it's...

Posted by Reverse Mortgage @ 12/14/2015 09:51 AM GMT-5
HECM Reverse Mortgage Loans in Aventura, FL
HECM reverse mortgage loans in Aventura, FL are growing quite rapidly. There are many different types of HECM reverse mortgage loans in Aventura, FL one can obtain. There is the reverse mortgage for purchase and also a traditional reverse mortgage. Each have their inherent benefits as well as...


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