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Posted by Inspired @ 03/14/2017 09:02 AM GMT-6
you ran away again
I had all these suggestions and ideas about what we should be doing to make things right. It felt like even though I didn't have all of the answers, I had at least this one. The one that could make all the difference in the outcome.  I preached and whined about how she's going to grow to...

Posted by iPhone LCD -GTE @ 01/30/2017 10:29 AM GMT-5
Since China copy iPhone LCD Screen (A quality) has come out, the price of LCD Screen sales or recycling have been dropped very quickly.
What is China Copy iPhone LCD Screen?  That is A quality iPhone LCD Screen in For the A quality iPhone LCD Screen, it is brand new iPhone LCD Screen. There is not refurbished from the broken screen. Everything is new and stable to install into the cell...

Posted by ignacnon @ 09/19/2016 02:33 AM GMT-8
All-New Adidas Ace 18+ PureControl Prototype Boots
Famous boot collector and YouTuber @eialdonni has gotten his hands at an incredibly interesting prototype. While he already leaked the next-gen Adidas Ace 17+ PureControl boots, he this time gives us an extremly early look at the upcoming Adidas Ace 18+ PureControl football boots cleats that are...

Posted by In Love We Trust @ 06/01/2016 12:13 PM GMT-6
One Month
It's been one month with Eric. We found each other through the famed E-harmony, and were a bit skeptical of online dating at first, but have been pleasantly surprised at our success so far. No relationship comes easy, however. Both Christians with very much the same personal beliefs and close...

Posted by Info Penting @ 05/01/2016 04:03 AM GMT-8

Posted by imannuelivan @ 02/27/2016 05:15 PM GMT7
I shall tread softly
I shall tread softly, dear,on your dream.If you dream big, my dear, and dream more.I can tread far and farther and take you with me.But please be careful with your dream, my dearlest it becomes too weak, too narrow, to bear.Yes, dear, I shall tread softly on your dream and mine.

Posted by in between worlds @ 01/29/2016 05:51 AM GMT8
This Chapter
Rachel: Well, just because it happened that way for them doesn't mean it has to happen that way for us. Joey: Yeah, yeah... Absolutely. I mean, just because something's difficult doesn't mean that you quit. Rachel: Right, totally. Joey: Yeah, so we just keep trying and trying until we... do...

Posted by ikanmelayu @ 04/10/2015 12:00 PM GMT7
Yup... that's what I'm doing

Posted by I Don't Know @ 04/07/2015 05:42 PM GMT-8
I Really Don't Know
Ohh, you guys. I don't even know why I'm doing this. I've unsuccessfully tried blogging at least twice in my life, but I'm at it again. I mean, I'm probably doing it because I'm lonely, and I'm sad, and I'm happy, and I'm an "adult" now, I guess, and I don't really know how to be one of those. ...

Posted by I got the CBGBees @ 03/26/2015 06:41 PM GMT-8
this is crazy man


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